The House God Saved for us


Well, I haven’t really blogged much about it, but we put our house on the market back in June.  It was a very busy summer for us because our house proved to be very popular for showings.  We were averaging 3-4 per week almost the whole summer.  Let me tell you keeping the house that clean 24/7 is exhausting!  Fall was coming and we didn’t think it would sell before winter so we were considering taking it off the market until spring when we got an offer.  Then we got 2, then we got 3 different offers in the same week!  All this without having a place picked out for us to move to, talk about overwhelming!!  We decided to take a leap of faith and go ahead and sell, then look like crazy until we found something.  That plan ended up working out pretty well for us.   

Let me tell you about our new place.  First, I need to tell you a little history.  We feel that God saved this house just for us.  Honestly, we do.  It was a short sale (the step before forclosure), so the price was  reduced.  This house has been on the market the entire time our old house was but didn’t sell.  A couple had made an offer on it and then ended up backing out because it was taking the bank to long for the paperwork.  It went back on the market when they backed out at a lower price, making it in our price range.  After we looked at it the first time we started realizing that this would be a possiblity for us and from there things just fell into place.  The payments and other bills would not be much different than what we were currently paying, the timing began to work out and our offer was accepted.  We were told that a short sale could take up to 6 months before closing but we loved the house so much we said we would find a rental but we didn’t have to!  God worked it out for us so that we could just move right in after we closed on our old house.  There were bumps in the road hear and there, but for the most part we stayed on track.  We had faith that God was working in this situation.    

We were all set for a closing date of November 16th when 4 days before the wheels came to a screaching halt!  The woman who was buying our old house ended up having a problem with her loan and the bank was delaying our closing.  We were dissapointed to say the least.  We were completley packed up at that point and the thought of it falling apart and unloading all those boxes back into that house was not pleasant!    Everyday we sat by the phone waiting to hear news of their decision.  We had a deadline for our new house and we were quickly approaching it.  Everyday we heard something different and were told “we should have an answer tomorrow”.  We were completley frustrated and stressed out !!!  Finally at the last minute, we were given a green light to close on the very day of our deadline.  We signed the paperwork 1 hour before the offer would expire on our new home.  Talk about down to the wire!  We were so releived to have that week over!   

With the delays, we ended up having to move on Thanksgiving weekend.  It wasn’t our choice but it ended up working out ok.  We are so thankful to all the family and friends who were willing to give up time with their families to come lift our heavy furniture and scrub the dirt away!  We are still living around boxes at this point, but it is slowly starting to feel like home.  The kids are loving the extra space to play and their new rooms.  Joel’s room looks out onto a pond in the back and he loves to sit and watch the geese on the water.  There are a few things we will change about the house, but for the most part it is in really good shape.  We just need to put our touches on everything (by that I don’t mean crayon on the walls :) )  We are eager to have our first Christmas here in a few weeks and celebrate Jesus’ birth, thanking God for our special blessings this holiday season.  

Here are a few pictures.  Remember, we’ve only been living here a week, the boxes aren’t part of the permenant decor :)  

  Our new living room

looking at the kitchen from the living room
The view from the living room
Someday this will be the dining room


  The view from the upstairs looking to front door 


Love the double staircase! 


Isaac’s room 


Joel’s room, looks out onto the pond, he loves to watch the geese. 


 Master bedroom 

Master bathroom, view 1 


Master bathroom, view 2 

All total it’s 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a full finished basement.  The kids are loving the extra room to run.  We are going to enjoy living here for a long, long time :) 


Goodbye, old house, we’ll miss you :(


  1. 1
    Anne Says:

    I am so happy for you guys, and the house looks great already! I hardly even noticed any boxes. I am impressed that you even have your tree up. Way to go!!

    The new blog design looks nice too.

    Can’t wait to see your new place in person.

  2. 2
    Grandma Taylor Says:

    Sis, it looks great! Your tree looks right at home too. Soon all the boxes will be gone and you will really feel like it is home.

  3. 3
    Stacey Arnold-Jones Says:

    How wonderful for your family! God is so good! I am glad everything worked out!

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