Christmas Newsletter 2015

December 14, 2015

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Christmas Letter 2014

December 15, 2014

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Christmas Letter 2013

December 8, 2013

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Christmas Letter 2012

December 10, 2012

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Farewell my Friend

May 30, 2012

Our Family on Memorial Day

Yesterday I lost my most trusted companion. She was a faithful friend for 13 years, I miss her almost more than I can bear. She was loyal, loving and patient. When you were sad she cheered you up by bringing you her toys. When you cried, she licked your tears. When you had food, she nudged your leg until you noticed her :) She has been ill for quite some time so we have know this was coming, doesn’t make it any easier. My body feels drained, my eyes burn from tears, today was a challenge. But I do believe that God wouldn’t send us to Heaven without those that we love (including dogs )–thanks Mom. So I think Emma is so happy right now. She is thrilled to be able to see and hear again. She is running around growling with toys in her mouth, and just waiting for someone to say “wanna go for a walk?” We cared for her and did everything we could to help her in her last days but she gave us so much more. She gave us everything she had up until the very end. We just hope that she had some comfort in the fact that she could just smell us with her as she went to Heaven.

Sure loved her!

Josh, who said he didn't want a dog. I think she changed his mind and stole his heart :)Before his last day of first grade.Best BudsI know, not the best background, but it's the best picture I have of the 2 of them together

Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Matt with Emma

She always felt that my parents house was her home.  She lived so near there as a puppy, I think you remember the familiar as you age.  She was so comfortable there.  Even in the last few days of her life, when she could not see much at all, she still managed to find the treat drawer in their home.  So, we took her home, to bury her.  We had a small service with our family and covered her with flowers.  My Dad wrote these words to share with us.  They sum up her life perfectly.

Lord, today we lay to rest a trusted and faithful companion, Emma.  She will be missed and was very much loved.  From the time she was jumping on Stephanie as a young dog in the back yard till now.

She loved to run, play, eat ice cream and grandpa’s treats. And she loved to have her ears rubbed!  She loved to play tug of war with Joel and Isaac and run all through the house.

She always  put a smile on everyone’s face.  Evie may not remember her, but Emma knew her, and loved her.

We will all remember the good times we had with her.

Now she can rest and be out of pain.  We will all miss her, but she will be in dog heaven now, and forever in our hearts.

Goodbye Emma

She was the best dog ever


December 18, 2011

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Our Sweet Little Girl

December 3, 2011

Yesterday our family welcomed our newest member, Evelyn Grace “Evie”  McChesney.  She arrived quickly at 12:56 pm, weighing in at 8 pounds 3 ounces and 19 inches long.  She is a perfect addition to our family.  Her brothers are thrilled at her arrival and we are excited to get home tomorrow to be all together.  Thanks to all our friends and family members who have loved and supported us through the last few months.  We are so thankful for you all, can’t wait for you all to meet her.

Isaac loves her so much!
First Photo of our Party of Five

Boy Scouts 101

October 9, 2011
Clearly, I haven’t been on this blog for a number of months!  Seems as though in my spare time I want to sleep way more than I want to spend time documenting the goings-on of our family.  Today I couldn’t resist posting about my precious little boys.  Joel decided a couple of months ago he wanted to become a boy scout.  I’ll have to admit I was not completely on board with this choice.  I see it as a lot of work and a big time commitment.  Still Joel and Josh both were excited to become involved and I did not stand in their way.  So now, here I am bragging on my little boy scout.  He decided yesterday all on his own that he wanted to rake some leaves in our neighbors yard to earn a badge and “help a neighbor” as it says in his guidebook.  We waited until today to ask our neighbor if it would be ok.  Out he went all by himself with his rake and bag to ask Mr. Steve if he could rake the leaves in his yard.  Even though all the other kids in the neighborhood were playing across the street, he chose to complete his project.  I was so proud of him working on his own initiative.  I also knew he couldn’t do it all alone so I recrouted Daddy and little brother to help.  He was so thrilled that he even got to use Daddy’s blower in the process.  I guess boy scouts isn’t all that bad :) 
Isaac decided he wanted to be a helper too.  Although, I know at 3 years old he really isn’t much help, I’ll give Josh plenty of credit here for being patient with him and actually letting him help until he lost interest.  My boys are growing into such hardworking young gentlemen.  I am so thankful to Josh for being such a good example to them.  They couldn’t have a better Daddy.   :) 

Helping Daddy with trim for the baby's room

Being silly outside

Cupcakes Anyone?

May 21, 2011

This is how I found him when I went outside

Getting every last lick of frosting

Sure is a yummy breakfast


As you can tell from these pictures, this morning didn’t go exactly as I had planned :)  Last night, Josh brought home some cupcakes for the kids to have as a special treat.  They were a big hit.  This morning, Josh has drill so the kids and I are alone again.  I had planned a nice morning of sleeping in, because that is what you are supposed to do on Saturday mornings, right?!?  For some reason, Joel, who I have to drag from his bed at 8 am every morning for school decided today would be the day he would be wide awake at 645 am.  I was not happy.  I tried sending him back to his room to bed but after he woke me up 3 times in an hour I finally told him to go downstairs and watch cartoons (every good mothers solution to pesky children).  Unfortunatley for me by this time it was almost 8 o’clock and Isaac was waking up.  I got him from his room and turned on the TV in my bedroom for him to watch while I stayed in bed (have I ever told you how much I love that TV?).  Eventually Joel came back up and watched with Isaac on my bed.  Totally relaxed, thinking both my children were safe in the hands of Mickey Mouse I fell back asleep.  I was awakened a short time later by Joel (AGAIN!) telling me the show was over and he wanted breakfast.  Guess it was time to get up :(  I asked him where Isaac was his reply “he went downstairs a while ago because he was hungry”  I thought, Uh-OH!  wonder what the kitchen will look like when I get there.  Isaac is notorious for getting into the pantry and totally trashing it.  I wasn’t really looking forward to cleaning up that mess.  Only a few seconds later there was screaming, coming from Joel.  He found Isaac outside, helping himself to the last 2 cupcakes :)  I think, at least he didn’t wake me up to make him breakfast :)  Joel was not amused :)

A Budding Artist

March 13, 2011


Neither Josh or I have an artistic bone in our bodies.  Really, we don’t draw, paint, sculpt or even decorate well.  I’m not even very creative, not enough to enjoy the hobby of scrapbooking that many of my friends are into these days.  So, when Joel came home from school this week with a “FAME award” (after we figured out what that meant) we were pretty surprised :)  FAME is the Foundation for Art and Music in Elementary Education.  They have an arts festival every year at the Grand Wayne Center and Joel’s artwork was chosen to be included in this years show.  Wow!  We were all very excited, especially Joel.  Personally I think the excitement had more to do with riding the escalators at the Grand Wayne than the honor of being chosen as a “FAMEous artist” but excited none the less.   Now that I think about it more it’s  pretty ironic because once we actually got there he refused to go on the escalator, instead taking the elevator! 

 Who knows what his future will hold with all this talent.  I mean really, Picasso couldn’t have rubbed leaves on a piece of paper and water colored them any better!

We are so proud of you Joel.  We know God has and exciting future planned for you as long as you choose to follow Him.  Mommy and Daddy will be here to support and encourage you as long as we live, even if it’s in the world of art.  A world we know absolutely nothing about :)


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